365 Days of Photography (-7)

I had a hard time in the middle of the year so put this project on hold. I may do it again next year.

I committed myself to doing a 365 days of photography this year – that is, taking a photograph every day for a year. I am however starting 7 days late due to being so incredibly ill at the start of the year. Expect a fair few of these to be street photography/on the tube as I go to and from work.

Day 7 – Enjoyed hanging round with the evening standard guy and associated people who stay fixed as the commuters stream into Euston.

Day 8 – Children love trains!

Day 9 – Train doors with warning beeps, got to love them for not being noticed.

Day 10 and 11 – ok, so this is a cheat. Both of these are from the 11th in Brixton because my intended shoot last night was in a bar that was too dark and I didn’t want to use my flash in case I distracted performers.

Day 12 – my weekly trip to Stratford. It always seems to rain every Monday in Stratford.

Day 13 – London bus drivers are on strike today due to pay disparities amongst the 18 different private companies that make millions of pounds of profit from a public service. Some drivers are paid as much as £3 less an hour to do the same job.

Day 14 – These christmas trees are everywhere in London, outside every house, piled up outside tower blocks. It amuses and disturbs me in equal measure.

Day 15 – I’m not going to admit when this photo was taken (hint: it wasn’t today! Cheat!)

Day 16 – Winter light

Day 17 – Still glad I worked out this tube doors thing

Day 18 – Brutalist architecture of bermondsey station

Day 19 -see above

Day 20 – Bitterly cold, but beautiful

Day 21 – I wanted to get an impression of just the lights in London, experiment, not sure if it works

Day 22 – More escalators, people’s backs are interesting aren’t they?

Day 23 – This is my favourite building in Sheffield, unfortunately there was a car parked right where I would have to stand to get the centre point of the building.

Day 24 – I’m playing with light trails at the moment (see the whole other folder of these

Day 25 – My favourite Sheffield street artist

Day 26 – more light trails/blurs

Day 27 – Trying to be more confident about approaching people for portraits – and it works. Thank you Fabian.

Day 28 – I learnt from these guys that the Shard is now 3mm taller than before because they stuck something underneath it.

Day 29 – Spent the day hopping carriages down the Northern line to good results. But this one was after getting off.

Day 31 – Spotted but not bothered

Day 32 – Mile end.


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