#EleNão protest at the Brazilian Embassy in London. 28 October 2018

Brazilians based in the UK, and their supporters, gathered at the Brazilian Embassy in London to protest against Bolsonaro, as voters went to the polls in the 2018 presidential elections.

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Picturehouse workers protest London Film Festival

Picturehouse workers at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton, Hackney Picturehouse, Crouch End Picturehouse, East Dulwich Picturehouse and Picturehouse central struck on Wednesday 4 October and protested at the opening gala of London Film Festival.

More information: http://www.workersliberty.org/story/2017-10-06/picturehouse-strikers-threatened-sack

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Commuter configurations

I’m working on looking at the shapes that people make with their bodies when commuting in the cramped spaces or when facing a lack of personal space. I want to look at their body language abstracted (as much as possible) from their faces or more ‘human’ features.

As a commuter I feel the process is really dehumanising so I wanted to look at people in a ‘dehumanised’ way, without their faces. But in working on this I’ve started to realise what people do with their hands, legs, feet, arms on their commutes is actually one of the most human things you see on the tube.

The light fantastic

I decided this weekend to have a play with using slow shutter speeds and narrow apertures to create light trails from vehicles. The first of these are from Park Square roundabout in Sheffield, I particularly like the first which is a tram going past Park Hill flats, and the last two from London tube station.

365 Days of Photography (-7)

I had a hard time in the middle of the year so put this project on hold. I may do it again next year.

I committed myself to doing a 365 days of photography this year – that is, taking a photograph every day for a year. I am however starting 7 days late due to being so incredibly ill at the start of the year. Expect a fair few of these to be street photography/on the tube as I go to and from work.

Day 7 – Enjoyed hanging round with the evening standard guy and associated people who stay fixed as the commuters stream into Euston.

Day 8 – Children love trains!

Day 9 – Train doors with warning beeps, got to love them for not being noticed.

Day 10 and 11 – ok, so this is a cheat. Both of these are from the 11th in Brixton because my intended shoot last night was in a bar that was too dark and I didn’t want to use my flash in case I distracted performers.

Day 12 – my weekly trip to Stratford. It always seems to rain every Monday in Stratford.

Day 13 – London bus drivers are on strike today due to pay disparities amongst the 18 different private companies that make millions of pounds of profit from a public service. Some drivers are paid as much as £3 less an hour to do the same job.

Day 14 – These christmas trees are everywhere in London, outside every house, piled up outside tower blocks. It amuses and disturbs me in equal measure.

Day 15 – I’m not going to admit when this photo was taken (hint: it wasn’t today! Cheat!)

Day 16 – Winter light

Day 17 – Still glad I worked out this tube doors thing

Day 18 – Brutalist architecture of bermondsey station

Day 19 -see above

Day 20 – Bitterly cold, but beautiful

Day 21 – I wanted to get an impression of just the lights in London, experiment, not sure if it works

Day 22 – More escalators, people’s backs are interesting aren’t they?

Day 23 – This is my favourite building in Sheffield, unfortunately there was a car parked right where I would have to stand to get the centre point of the building.

Day 24 – I’m playing with light trails at the moment (see the whole other folder of these

Day 25 – My favourite Sheffield street artist

Day 26 – more light trails/blurs

Day 27 – Trying to be more confident about approaching people for portraits – and it works. Thank you Fabian.

Day 28 – I learnt from these guys that the Shard is now 3mm taller than before because they stuck something underneath it.

Day 29 – Spent the day hopping carriages down the Northern line to good results. But this one was after getting off.

Day 31 – Spotted but not bothered

Day 32 – Mile end.